About Us

REVAMP consulting and technical support for cement and mining industries Consulting firm in cement and mining industries

Commitment to our value

We target optimization

Unique achievements

we target standardization


How We Do

To Be Innovative Group In The Field Of Industrial Consultancy


Efficient consultancy and effective technical support for cement and mining industry, development of the industries through tight technical management, identifying the improvement areas, meeting client requirements through partnership, provide technical assistance for feasible production


Be innovative group in the field of industrial consultancy and the best consultancy for mining and cement industries in Middle East , Be the leader of consultancy and technical support. Challenges are opportunities and you will find opportunities you did not imagine before


Revamp will contribute to improve the efficiency and feasibility of cement and mining industries in Egypt

Our Services

Achieved Great Results In Performance Of Cement Plant

Consulting for projects of cement and mining industries


We provide both comprehensive and particular audits in order to optimizing the process

Condition monitoring

we assign an expert guide or team to close monitoring

Technical support

Providing technical assistance in short and long terms through leading

Refractory management

the refractory represents the biggest operation cost and some plants suffer

Maintenance support

Planning and supporting the overhauls, and maintenance tasks


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